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We have called Sindhu-Saraswati an UNVOICED civilization. Although the civilization is celebrated in Rg Veda and in our ancient literature, it remains largely forgotten in modern times. Soon, AIS hopes to give ‘voice’ to that civilization by publishing some of the quotations as available to us from those early times. Readers will also be invited to contribute quotations from our literature regarding the civilization.
As it is, AIS is set to pursue, with seriousness, the research on Sindhu-Saraswati civilization. For a serious researcher, it would be worthwhile to have before him the few Quotations that appear on a single page at the beginning of each chapter of Return of the Aryans. In some cases, those few Quotations are even more important than much that is said in the book. They offer clues and chart the path to discovery of the history of the personalities that uttered them – and in any case they reflect and represent the most ancient, long-forgotten Voices of Sindhu- Saraswati Civilization.

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