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Song of Sindhu Hindu – an album eulogizing the great Indus civilization,
was recently released by the American Institute of Sindhulogy (AIS).

Sindhu-Saraswati civilization reincarnated with the Song of the Sindhu Hindu

Ram Jethmalani, former Minister of Law & Justice in India and also known
as Sindhu Ratan in the Sindhi community introduces the album of
melodious numbers in Hindi and Sindhi sung by Koshi Lalwani. Together
with chanting of “OM” & mantras and melodious accompaniments, the
CD pays homage to the erstwhile Sindh and its sacred earth that nurtured
the Indus Valley civilization. Interspersed with English narration, the album
also makes easy understanding of the devout compositions. In his
introduction, Ram Jethmalani pays respectful homage to the sacred
earth of Sindh, a common inheritance and the priceless treasure of both
India and Pakistan today.

The song of the Sindhu Civilization, which has remained unsung for
centuries, was first brought to light by Bhagwan S. Gidwani in his famous
book, “The Return of the Aryans”.

It is said that the song was composed about 7,000 years ago by Bharat,
the 19th Karkarta or the elected Supreme Chief of the inhabitants on the
banks of the mighty Indus; now known as Sindh. The song celebrates the
principle of ancient Indian culture of all inclusiveness, excluding none from
God’s grace whatever their faith. In his introduction. Ram Jethmalani says,
that “the Song stresses the need for continuing search of truth and
knowledge, for we can not be hostage to dogma or custom or present
learning, but must strive to enlarge the heritage of mankind, for ours is a
growing tradition and not fixed”.

“I am glad that Karkarta Bharat of Sindh, who composed this song,
became so honored that our subcontinent came to be known, from 5000
years BC, as Bharat Varsha”. A glowing tribute to theSindhi identity, the
album tells the story of the vanguard Sindhi ancestors, who established
the principles and ideals of Sanatana Dharma, the root of Hinduism. For
those who believe in Sindhyat, it is a great and a memorable song. The
album / CD can be obtained from AIS in USA or India. E-mail in USA. or in India
The cost per CD in USA is US $5/- and ninety cents. Thecost per CD in India is
Rs.150/-. The postage in India is Rs.50/- per CD Excerpts of the introduction
to the Song of the Sindhu Hindu, along with other details can be heard
at (Music Link) by Shalini Singh
Sindhu-Saraswati civilization reincarnated with the Song of the Sindhu Hindu

Bharat Times E-Review of the Song of Sindhu

Readers Reviews of the Song of the Sindhu Hindu CD

Koshi Lalwani

From: Dubali

Comment: Dear Dial,

Singing Sindhu Hindu song and Jaag Sindhi Jaag are becoming part of my life .I was
invited by group of friends for Bhajans.Around 200 Sindhi ladies were there.
I opened my singing with few words about the Sindhu Hindu Song and how it came
to light after 7,000 years , about the Message of Dada Ram Jethmalani.I talked about
the Returns of the Aryans book, and project entrusted to me to sing this song.
The effect was electrifying.

Ladies were listening to each word attentively, with surprise and admiration. They
loved it. Yes each word was heard and Hek sain Khe Sujan was sung by many along
with me.I closed the Bhajan evening with Jaag Sindhi Jaag.
Didi Menka who runs Dada Vaswani mission in Dubai was present in that
satsang.She invited me to come for Dada s Kirtan which they do on Mondays.
It was Dashera Program.I sang Mool mantera he Om Hai and Hek Sain khe sujan.
Dial it is such an happy moment for me to spread the awareness of Ancient Culture.
Dial, People are there to follow the right path if some one is there to guide them in
right direction.
I am proud of American Institute of Sindhulogy who have executed this project in
record time. I am grateful to almighty God that I was chosen to do lyrics and singing,
This song of Sindhu Culture will ever remain alive to carry on the message of Sindhi
heritage, culture and peace

Please inform Bhagwan Gidwani , Nari Hingorani and Vijay N.Kewalramani

Loves for all of you you.

From: Skokie, IL USA

Comment: I enjoyed listening to the new CD “Song of the Sindhu Hindu.” As an American Jew
with little previous exposure to Sindhu culture, I was impressed with the expression of
tolerance and respect of all faiths in the song. It is even more amazing to me that this
song was composed 7,000 years ago thousands of years before the Pharaohs of Egypt .
Congratulations to Dial V. Gidwani and his associates for producing such a fine CD.

From: Toronto Canada

Comment: About the CD, SONG OF SINDHU HINDU the English translation of the song in
track 3 was the one that appealed most to me. The lyrics are extremely profound. The
summarized goal of a Hindu, towards the end was the best description I have ever
heard, particularly in the present day context in the western world which is gradually
getting more individualistic and self centred all the time and which is unable to value
goals higher than those providing quick gratification. With my limited grasp of
Sindhi, I could not appreciate the Sindhi song. This I would imagine would apply to a
lot of other Sindhis too. The Hindi version was slightly superior musically as it had
somewhat richer accompaniments. The 2 other tracks of bhajans ? were not translated
anywhere. Perhaps they should be, to make the CD more meaningful.
Thanks for sending these CDs to me. I enjoyed going through them. I will be
circulating these within our community now, through my good friend Mahesh
Makhijani who is the director of programming for our Sindhi gur mandir in Toronto.
Warm regards and good luck with your work,


Nargis & Manohar Awatramani
From: Chicago

Comment: Hi Dial,

Thank you for sharing with us the Song of the Hindu in Sindhi and Hindi . It is
always a pleasure to listen to Ram Jethmalani….what a fine thing to dedicate the song
to Ram on his 83rd birthday!!
Ananya Datta s and Koshi Lalvani s melodius voices are a pleasure to hear.

Keep up the excellent work.


Nargis and Manohar Awatramani 10 08 2006