American Institute of Sindhulogy adds a new star to its list of leaders who stand for non-violence

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Every movement has a face. The movement to equip the next generation with books and not guns has started with Malala, a little girl with a burning desire to spread education and eradicate ignorance. How did such a noble idea even occur to her in a region where kids live under the shadows of guns, where schools are burnt to ashes and where girls are forced to stay illiterate? Well, most peaceful ideas are born under most violent conditions, it is the law of nature – every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And let’s not forget that peace and non-violence is rooted even deep in the soul of Malala’s region.

She comes from a land where 5000 years ago River Sindhu (Indus) gave birth to the most non-violent ancient civilization. A civilization that flourished for 700 years without any war and weapons; its ruins have revealed no evidence of an army or its barracks, a police force or a prison. Even after the collapse of Sindhu Civilization its aura of non-violence survived in different forms and in different periods, Buddhism, Jainism, Bhaktism and Sufism to mention a few. Incidentally it was from Malala’s home district, Swat from where a Buddhist monk went up in the mountains to preach Buddha’s message of peace. He is known as Guru Rimponche who introduced Buddhism in Tibet. Even in the modern times when the world was at war another son of Sindhu, Mahatama Gandhi was preaching peace. This time one more messenger of peace from Malala’s neighborhood, left his home town to join hands with Gandhi ji. His name was Ghaffar Khan but people call him the Frontier Gandhi, because his hometown was in the northwest frontier of Britain’s Indian Empire. Mahatama Gandhi and the Frontier Gandhi believed that the most powerful weapon against violence is non-violence and it was their non-violent movement that played a major role in the independence of India from the British rule.

Leaders of peace and non-violence are born in times of intolerance, Martin Luther King in America, Nelson Mandela in Africa and Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar. ASI supports all the icons of peace and non-violence be it men or women, old and young, white or black. Of late, it has been promoting non-violent themes in video-games for children it will now hope for children to draw inspiration from Malala.

AIS a non religious,non political and nonprofit organization established in August 2000. Please visit web site

AIS appeals educators,teachers,grant writers and philanthropist for their support to the noble cause. Future generation need to be educated in fear free environment.

Wishing you happy Diwali and new year full of peace,harmony and non violence

Dial V.Gidwani
Founding President

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