Public Appeal for “The Frontier Gandhi” – Movie Effort

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American Institute of Sindhulogy applauds Ms. Teri McLuhan’s efforts and work in bringing to life and to the big screen the untold story of the great non-violent leader of pashtun origin — Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, aka The Frontier Gandhi — in her current award-winning feature documentary THE FRONTIER GANDHI: BADSHAH KHAN, A TORCH FOR PEACE.

Ms. McLuhan wishes to move forward and create a DVD of the movie for schools throughout the USA, Canada, and South Asia — with a global outreach program to follow. No DVD is available at this time.

AIS wishes to launch a donation fund for this important cause. We are seeking a budget of $15,000. This would cover the entire cost of the production of a DVD.

I appeal to people from the subcontinent of India who have settled in the USA and who have had the good fortune to realize many aspects of the American dream. I urge you to put your best instincts forward and become a sponsor of peace and non-violence — so nobly and courageously exemplified by the lives and legacies of our Mahatma Gandhi and his kindred spirit The Frontier Gandhi.

We owe it to future generations to reach out and make the epic, and profoundly inspiring story of The Frontier Gandhi known to the world.

See the official website for The Frontier Gandhi Badshah Khan | A Film by T.C. McLuhan

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Dial V. Gidwani
Founding President

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