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Deepak Chang
Wed, August 15, 2012 01:06pm
Mumbai - India 

I love to be sindhi and I am proud of being one.

Sat, June 9, 2012 09:44pm
New Jersey 

Best Wishes to AIS for this laudable undertaking which needs to be supported by all South Asians in North America.

Henna Kalro
Fri, December 9, 2011 03:21am

Thank you for the information , was looking for it ..sold out on flipkart .needed more information on way of life and customs as in clothes , jewellery, food , traditions about hindu sindhi from the time jhulelal was born till partition . If i could get that it would help as i am compiling a book and it would be very useful


henna Kalro
Thu, December 8, 2011 10:47am

looking for trational rituals and customs of hindu sindhis of a few hundred years old couldnt find ..... hoping i could come across something somewhere

Mon, October 3, 2011 10:08pm

We are honored to be a part of the non-violence movement with American Institute of Sindhulogy. Children are dying everyday on the streets of Chicago and things need to change. People need to be safe on the streets again, and it will start with the very young right now, getting educated everyday on how not to be violent, and to learn how to make peaceful changes. It is my hope through the educational system, that the Sindhu culture can share it's successes for peace, education and non-violence.

Reply: Thank you for your gracious support
Sun, October 2, 2011 01:32am

Hearty congratulations on the new website launch!

Reply: Thank you for your comments.

dear sir,i have read the book -return of arians-dial gidwani-it is a fascinating book.i liked the message , article and speech by ram jethmalani. kindly read my book-abiographynof saint kanwar ram-s.k.punshi.visit the se websites-1. sacho 2.baghat 3.sindhi,-dr.s.kpunshi,senior consultant dermatologist,amravati-444606 m.s.india. mob.09850344540,e-mail-derma.dr.punshisk.vitiligo at

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Habibullah Khaskheli
Shahdadpur, Sindh 

Visited this website, this is good enough. If there is any work for Sindh and Sindhi people I offer my services.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Professor Aziz Kingrani

I want to share research work about early Indus civilization as Prehistoric rock carvings in Sindh, Bhudhaism,Hinduism,zoroasterism religions ruins in Sindh etc. Can I share?? And how can I share??

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
chintu tekwani
kanpur india 

i would like to say many thanks to u people u guys have done great job, i was really glad to visit your site and i feel proud that i m sindhi and to read history of sindis i have never been to sindh but ill love to go to sindh and love to see my ancestor place and pls can you tell where can i find more historical information about sindh and sindhis
thanks again

chintu tekwani

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Abdullah Bedil
Rohri, sukkur , sindh 

And if u need poitry , books and vidios or pics , i can provide u , thanks,

nedd to work on this side

Waiting for ur positive rply :cell numb: +923337167789

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Abdullah Bedil
Rohri, sukkur , sindh 

nice work and need to promote sufizm because this is way to live with peace , and high light massages of sufi sants like , Bedil Beckus Rohri,
Badil Says :

Reply: Thank you for your comments.



Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Dr. H. K Gandhi

congradulations for this activity.
People, Priests and politicians of India have forgotten real message of Mahatma Gandhi - where as people like Obama and others are trying to learn his method of Nonviolence and Truth.
I have started a website
You will find my biodata and mission and useful info. in it.
Gandhiji has writen a lot about world religions and his political vision of Free India.
I have placed for FREE to Down load, my Mahatma Gandhi book 1992 in which you will find lot of material for your V good mission.
Read two poems which may be useful for schools.

Nameste from Dr H. K. Gandhi - age 85
Ex Freedom fighter under Gandhiji s leadership in 1942 .

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Aftab Ahmed Ujan

saeen muhinja tawahan khy jas hujee.awhaan jo kum shandar aahy.dhani awahan khy aja sagh atta karee. moo lae ko kum hujee ta maan hizir aahyan.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Hyderabad-A.P. India 

Sindhi brethren, I m Rajendra.K.Girglani, Publisher and Editor of Sindhiratan magazine in English, published quarterly. Found your deeds and website a treasure trove of knowledge that kept shuttling me to the oldest civilization to the present era. Thanks and congrats for such a marvel. Pls. send me your newsletters and keep me posted on your evenets and findings. I d be happy to publish your material after due prior permission. Pls. let me know whom to contact too. Rgds. Rajendra .K.Girglani

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
ishwar sharma

Namaste Gidwani Sahib I m realy happy to visit ur site. I m sarswat brihman living in sindh in district Tharparkar the desert attached with Rajisthan India, the historical place of Sindh. Here u can meet original sindhies. I want to become member of AIS. I have knowledge about the history of thar. In thar u can found the well of MARVI where from king umer kidnapped marvi for marraige but marvi gave perfernce to live in thar with her poor parants and refused to became wife of the King Umer. Then King umer after adopting her as sister returned back her to her parants. This type of so many hisorical stories are burried in the sandy dunes of Thar. I will sent later on more historical stories about Thar sindh . Thanks. Ishwar Sharma Mithi Tharparkar Sindh. 0092-333-2522205

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Bharati Balani

Hi There,

I m really touched to know the history of sindhi s after reading the RETURN OF ARYANS by Mr.Gidwani.I have cried alot after knowing that i belonged to such a rich culture which i always felt ashamed of as i studied in an anglo indian school and was facinated by christian s and their culture.My mom always told me that the sindhi s are the best people but she always failed to explain why?...i kept on listing this since my childhood...sindhi s are the best ...but was not aware of the fact why?...and always needed a reason and logic after it.which my mom could nt explain,not her fault as well as Mr. Gidwani has explained that after we left our motherland sindh ..we were struggling for our own survival and more over my mom was born way after 1947.But i need help from AIS and i want to know how can i spread the same awareness in India and i have a dream to open a school for sindhi s if not now ..may be in future.Which would be only for Sindhi s in which apart from the other Languages and Culture their own culture and their own sindhi language is though to them.I remember my dad tells me that they were though sindhi in school.Now also i feel this generation and many before us are not aware of it..i bet even my parents are not aware of it so i want to do something great for my own community.

Thanks and Regards,
Bharti Balani

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Hyderabad, India 


To facilitate the participation of Sindhis in our “JIYE SINDHIYAT MOVEMENT”, we have initiated a computer blog to be used as motivation, information, interaction and debate forum.
All Sindhis are requested to visit to read the issues concerning Sindhiyat and to put queries, suggestions and opinions. The blog is accessible to all who have access to Internet.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Bharti Balani

Hi There,

Thanks to Mr.Gidwani that he has published this book and made so much of efforts to gather the literature and had brought the awareness of sindhi s and their rich culture among us.i am really touched and proud to call myself a sindhi after reading this novel.I make sure that my coming generation will be now onwards be aware of their roots.since childhood i was criticized by my friends and use to get pissed and say that i m not a sindhi. But now i can proudly say that i m sindhi and i have the reason to be proud of.As Mr. Gidwani has said that that our sindhi culture is getting vanised that true...but let me tell you one thing that our values still exist with in us because its with in our genes that the reason Sindhi s are the Best.which mom always though me since childhood and also my experience of life speaks the same now.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Alok Rai
New Delhi 

pls send me the details of Mr Avinash Balvani or pass him my +919811321516

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
satish Sawnani
Dahisar(west) , Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 

IT was a pleasure going through your website and the efforts being done to preserve Sindhi Language, Culture . I am inspired by the same.
Satish Sawnani, FCA; ACS; CMA;CAIIB, CTM, DISA

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Farzana Abbasi
Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan 

It is a great pleasure to see that such a website exisits and is rendering an extraordinary service for creating awarness for sindhi culture to the world.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Dr.Heera Lal Lohano
Karachi SINDH Pakistan 

I really pleased to see da A I S website.I appreciate ur efforts,keep it up n up.I hope that,I ll visit regularly.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
chicago illinois 


Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Sohail Ansari

To promote Sindhiism and bring the Sindhis together we all need to be together irrespective which ever part of the world we live in.

I really am saddened of the divisions between Sindhis left in Sindh and those who unfortunately had to leave Sindh. Those who left Sindh sadly left their homes and the belongings but have continued to maintain their identity. Those who stayed back are not better off and are struggling to keep their identities! I was born way after partition and therefore did not witness the events. However, I am aware of the bitterness of those Sindhis who had to migrate out. As a matter of fact the Sindhis left behind in the native land, as the history can tell, have fared badly as well for they hardly had the rights over the institutions in Sindh and also they have continued to struggle to safe guard their values, culture and identity.

I feel really proud seeing the institutions like yours. What niggles me though is the lack of a union as indicated above. I hardly can see any Muslim names on your institution and this gives the impression of a division between Hindu Sindhis and Muslim Sindhis. When we culturally are the same material, why should their be religious geographic divides?

I hope the message of unity is propagatted and acted upon.

God bless those holding the flags for Sindh and Sindhis.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Shophia Hirwani
Sedona Arizona 

Heard the first sindhi song - Andhi.

I belong to rare breed of sindhis who can read and write and always felt the need to revive our culture but didnt know how.
I just dont know where were we for almost two decades.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Ikramullah abbasi

I met Dial V. Gidwani in St. louis a week back, i was so impressed by his initiative taken by him for Sindh and Sindhis. I am from sehwan sharif but was born and raised in partab mahal Hyderabad Sindh. I am trying to right a history about that house and its owner who built that before the partition. I love sindh and all the sindhis please get united and make sindhi nationality to be proud of.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Muhammad Ayaz Malik
Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan 

Asalam Alakum,

I watch this very nice web site, which really very
help ful for any user who want this kind of material. so i glad that its magificient source of knowledge and facts. I really enjoy it.
Thanks for the your performance.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Dharmoon Bhawani
Mithi ,Tharparkar 

hi ,
This is my first time , i have visited so far , and i have gone through the whole material avilabe on the website, the one thing i fell is the most important is the contribution of the writer who made is worthy, and the one who keeps it udate, i applaud all those who are in this great aim .

Reply: Thank you for your comments.

wonderful work! 

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Gobind Khushalani
Ahmedabad - India 

Title: :Chachnamah Retold” – English.
Published by Promila and Co., in association with Bibliophile South Asia, CHICAGO ; Add: C-127, Sarvodaya Enclave, New Delhi – 110017 India.
Email : ashokbutani at

The original “Chachnamah” oldest available book on history of Sindh was written in old and confusing style in Arabic. Its translations in Sindhi, English and even Persian are also based on same style. The language is perplexing and presentation is in the style of then prevalent “Arabian Nights”.

The Author says he has rewritten the entire book in current style – language, keeping in view the needs of modern readers, specially the younger generation. Basic material is the same – with no change at all.

One could see that, so many Great Religious books like Ramayan, Mahabharat even Koran Shareef and Bible etc are presented in modern style and language, so many times. No additions alterations are made in the basic story and contents. Such books are popular among comman readers. For the researchers, original versions are preserved separately.

Keeping this in view Gobind Khushalani thought of presenting Last Hindu King of Sindh – Rai Dahar in proper perspective. Therefore Chachnamah has been presented in new style and language without any additions or alterations.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.


Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Abdul Hussain Mendhro
Thatta-Sindh Pakistan 

My Dear,

I am senior Journalist of District Thatta a historical District of Sindh and very glad to see your esteemed and useful website of American Institute of Sindhulogy and also see importand document which available on your website. I shall be indeed grateful to you if your gracious honor will include my name in your mailing list for sending me informations which issued by your Institute accordingly. May Allah bless you for doing good job for sindhies of the world.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Gobind Khushalani
Ahmedabad - India. 

Title: “Mulik Ta Munhinjo – Sindhi original NOVEL
“My country, really special” – English translation.

Story of Sindh in background of 5000 years ago, real matters regarding then development of Mohenjo Daro and Sindhi civilization in a story of Fiction. Because of such background of the story, Mr. Shoukat Hussain Shoro – Director of Institute of Sindhology Hyderabad – Sindh has said; it is a historical Novel. He has written preface of the book.

The novel covers problems of modern Sindh in ancient background. Indication of solutions is also shown. Modern problems are diversion of Sindhu’s waters, uneasy assertive behaviour of outsiders on cultural, educational and commercial matters etc of the original citizens; and attempts by the Government to set a side Sindhi Language in order to promote Urdu and other languages. In the novel the ancient people could solve all the problems with unity and wisdom, and with some assertiveness, the water problem.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya
New Delhi 

Let me thank your for sending the precious inofrmation based upon the Gidwani s book Return of the Aryans. We shall certainly circulate this information further. Can I know who is the compiler of this information under American institute of Sindhulogy. We are publishing Vedic Science a quarterly journal. Can the same information partially of fully if found suitable be published in the Journal, but for that we need to quote the name of the author. We under Indian Foundation for Vedic Science are publishing lot of Literature on India and Vedas. our recent research publication is Origin of Indo Europeans . This
work tells about the migrations of Indians from India to various parts of world from time to time. Genetic, archaeological, lingustic and evidences from family studies have been given. For more detail of our work log on to our websiste

Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya
Indian Foundation for Vedic Science

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Major General Vishwas Jogleker Retied
New Delhi 

Jai Shri Ram
I went thru the contents of the site map and some of the comments.
I presume you are in touch with Dr Kalyanraman of Chennai who is doing pioneering work on this theme only.
His email address is Kalyan97 at
he is an eloquent speaker and a dedicated scholar. I am a part of the HQ Sanskritik Gaurav Sansthan New Delhi SGS
V S Joglekar - Maj Gen Retd

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Dr. Kalyan Raman

Dear Dial Gidwani ji,
Saadar pranaam. It is so nice to know about the splendid initiatives of AIS. I wish you all the best in your efforts. I am grateful to Gen. Joglekar ji for putting me in touch with you.

I will go through all the links provided by you and try to understand the importance of the themes brilliantly presented in fictional form by Bhagwan Gidwani ji. My pranams to all our bandhu who are working with you for promoting sindhulogy.

We are all children of maa sarasvati.I have set up a website on Sarasvati civilization. Please see the links at http: site kalyan97 This site will lead you to over 40,000 pages of info. on the civilization which our ancestors have bequeathed to us including 15 volumes presented as ebooks and the entire corpus of Sarasvati hieroglyphs presented in 8 albums . Extraordinary work is ongoing to make the Vedic Sarasvati river flow again in Bharat.

Please do keep in touch. Together, we can reach out to all the children on the globe on the eternal message of sanatana dharma.

I am also cc-ing Shri Haribhau Vaze who is the National Organizing Secy. and Prof. Shivaji Singh who is President of ABISY.


Sarasvati research centre, Sarasvati nadi shodh prakalp
Akhila bharatiya itihasa sankalana yojana ABISY .

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Raj Ahuja
Bangalore - India 

Hi ,
Found an Entry on my Great Grand Father - Mr Shivaldas Lekhraj Ahuja , wish to know if u had more details on him and his lineage .
Pls do reply
Raj Ahjuja

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Rita mohina

Rita Mohina

Reply: I am forwarding your email to Mr. Badlani. His email address
Kan Kripalani

Would like to have a liile more info on Dr Badlani s Book - Chapterisation price booksellers.

In any case happy that the cultural aspects of Hinduism are featured. So many writers on Hinduism have presented Hinduism in dogmatic form
Kan Kripalani

Reply: Please contact Mr. badlani I will forward your email to him 02/03
Dr Hiro Badlani
Los Angeles, USA 

Recently my book, Hinduism:Path of the Ancient Wisdom has been published by iUniverse USA. I am aware that this website does not cater to religious themes, but my book has as much the cultural overview as it has the religious. There are referrences to Bhagwan Gidwani s famous book, The Return of the Aryans and also detail description of the ancient Sarswati-Indus civilizatrion. The book is completely non-dogmatic; rather emphasizing the homogenity of all religions. It dicusses the Hindu philosophy and culture through different periods from the ancient times.

Reply: Thank you Mr. Badlani.We will read the book.
Mahima Roychowdhri

Kind attention of Mr. Hiro S. Mirchandani and for Guest Book..

Thank you for the Very nice and satisfying NEWS BULLETIN 2009 from American Institute of Sindhulogy AIS . I am glad that you will continue THEMES from ROTA. Even those who have read the book , these Themes offer a refreshing summary particularly as your Editors have been careful to retain the spirit and flavour of this great book.
With regards
Mahima Roychowdhri

Reply: Thank you for your comments.

your website is good and i like it.


Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Kan Kripalani

Themes from Return of Aryans as brought out on your website are excellent.

More so, they are a great contribution to literaure and shed light on achievements of our people of those times. Unfortunaely, in vast explosion of aricles on various websites, many people - particularly professors, academics, history-lovers, and many who may have interst in ancient times - will not be in a position to come accross the various Themes that are so nicely brought out on your website. You should really be considering that other websites like Dal Sabzi and many more Hindu, Spiritualists, and Culture websites should be used as channel for publising themes from your website and at least you may exchange EMail addresses with them so you reach directly reach many more people and more attempt may be to reach non Sindhis also. I do not know financial implications but it would be a definite advantage to print in book form of 250 pages some 10 or 12 themes but not give it title of Return of Aryans but something like Glimpses of Ancient Sindhu-Saraswati Civilization of 7,000 BC Rturn of Aryans should be only in byline of title with Introduction from some foreign well known academic to give overview and introduction. But it is a question of cost as such a prestige publication must be frrely given to all important prime ministers, presidents, heads of cultural bodies and those individuals who

mould public opinion.


Dear Respected Shakunji,,

It was good to have your message on Parsi New year.
I have made the following comment on the Feed Back Response:

Truly, I appreciate so much useful and intersting information on Parsi New Year, Zoroastrians and Iranians.
It is good that your website respects and celebrates all diverse cultures and civilizations. That is the Sufi way.

The bonds of India with Iranians and Zorosatrians go back to seven thousand years back. See Please Chapter 13 - ARYANS IN IRAN - 5,005 BC on website which presents Themes from Return of the Aryans a widely acclaimed book by: Bhagwan Gidwani . For your ready reference, I shall send you a copy which will be worth publishing on www.Dalsabzi com. for relationship of Aryans of India with Aryans of Iran and so much info on Aryan culture, language, history in 5005 BC as also info on the great Poet, Reformer, Philosopher Zarathustra, the founder of Zorastrian Religion and how the Iranian customs developed

By means of copy of this letter I am requesting Sindhulogy at to send you a copy of the excellent Chapter Chapter 13 - ARYANS IN IRAN - 5,005 BC as it appears on their website and I shall be grateful if they would kindly do so for publication by you.

With Regards

Kan Kripalani

Reply: AIS will be very happy to share its educational articles/Themes for any web site or Sindhi or non Sindhi magazine. The object is reach out not only to Sindhi,Indians but mainstream of all nations. 08/21/08
Hisam Memon

Dear Management of AIS website!
Peace be unto you!

The site is thoroughly informative and loveable and enhanced fully with Sindh Culture and Traditions. This is the Ancient Sindh Indus Valley Civilization , Kaka Bhairumal Mahar Chand Adwani had depicted in his famous book Qadeem Sindh . I am properly from Shikarpur, the city, where Hindu Community established new culture of strength, which related to Mohan Jo Daro actually. I love my city, I cannot write here. AIS presents that culture, which really I need. I wanted to design and develop web site about my Shikarpur, and I did it, but the work was done not fully, rf_shikarpur . I organized a forum Reliever s Forum Shikarpur, but I was only there to work, that is why, I could not complete my work, but will do some thing seriouly in near future. I now at UAE.
Anyway, AIS have satiated me more than enough and its a picture of Kako Bhairumal, who introduced me the myth of Mount of Meru . I am ready to do any thing, if u lay any responsibility..!
Good Luck

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Alka Shahani

Fully I agree with comments of Bulo Thanwani and Mohan P. Hingorani
in admiration of the Themes presented by Sindhulogy from Return of the Aryans . These Themes are a treasure-house which none should miss. I realize the painstaking effort in their preparation but the reward of is great. Thank You, AIS
Alka Shahani

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Mohan Padma Hingorani

Re: Views of Prof R.J.A. Plake in appreciation of Themes from Return of the Aryans on AIS website:
I fully share Prof. Plake s appreciation of these Themes and also endorse what my friend Bulo Thanwani says about the fine mission and program of AIS.
Dramatically, the presentation of these Themes by AIS brings l to life the knowledge of the Sindhu Saraswati civilization. There is also no doubt fabout the great effort by Editors of
Sindhulogy in preparing these themes. It is a remarkable effort and we all owe debt of gratitude to AIS.
There is also much work by AIS in many other fields but in my view the continuous presentation of these Themes is one of their finest and I share the hope by Bulo that these Themes will continue.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Bulo Gita Thanwani

I am an admirer of Sindhulogy s excellent mission and accomplishments. In particular, you have done so much to bring awakening in the minds of so many on the glory and greatness of Sindhu Saraswati civilization and its civilizing message to the world.

Recently, I chanced to meet Prof R.J.A. Plake, a well- known Australian literary figure at a party organized by the Austrlian Embassy. Prof Plake mentioned to me that he has read all the 14 themes from Return of the Aryans as presented on your website at least twice - and some them even three to four times. He has read the book itself many years ago and he felt that the way you have presented themes from the book is Absolutely marvellous and a truly delightful, vivid presentation that captivates the mind .

I fully aree with Dr. Plake. I feel that the editors of these Themes for presentation on your website deserve to be congratulated.

Please do keep these Themes coming. They are a source of knowledge, joy and inspiration.


Bulo Thanwani

Reply: Thank you Mr. Thanwani for your gracious encouraging comments. It is evident from the overwhelming daily number of hits on the web site. I wish more visitor send us feed back and make comments on the contents of web site . AIS is keen to reach out our 3/4 generation of Sindhis, NonSindhi and people from all over the world to research on the Themes. AIS mission is to provide knowledge and education of Ancient heritage of Bharat Varsha. AIS is very pleased with the positive response from Sindh Pak
Ramesh Chatur Manghirmalani
Hyderabad Sindh 

Excellent. Diwan Thakurdas Pribhdas of Hyderabad, Diwan Chatur Thankurdas, and Tikamdas Whadumal Mansukhani played significant role in Pakistan

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Vaswani Naval
Karachi Sindh 

An excellent , informative and awesome site to visit.

I offer my services to promote the vision and phillosophy


Vaswani Naval
+92 300 2237927
iamvaswani at

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Saeed Ahmed Dehraj
Nosheroferoz (Sindh) 

Dear its amazing and nice collection of songs.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Aamir Raz Soomro
Karachi (Pakistan) 

Dear Sir,

I m overwhelmed to know about the first Singlish film.. I wish every effort taken for SIndh, Sindhi culture and Sindhis. I m so happy as though it s me who has made this film..

Unfortunately, we have lost our cities and they, sorry to say, don t even seem Sindh... Cities like Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and Sukkur have been, in a planned way, given to alien people. And this all happened due to the Partition .

!??????? ??? ???? ???
Sindhis like the makers of the film are truly dedicated to promotion of Sindhi Culture, and that s what is actually needed in this time and age: The Awakening is needed. I would also request you to kindly visit my blog http: and comment on posts related to Sindh.

Having a great influence of Sain G M Syed on my family, I have grown up to be a strong Qaom Parast a nationalist . And, I luv Sindhi culture. I feel proud to have been born in the land of the cradle of civilizations : SINDH!!

I would like to request all the visitors of the site to please search for Gorakh Hill Station on net and write something about it in your emails and blogs, and websites, so that the issue can be raised on international level. We at Johi district Dadu are on a campaign of programs about Gorakh in order to give it an exposure.

Salam, Ya Ali Madad, Namasty, and
Jiey Sindhu Desh!!

Reply: Saeen Aamir thnk you inspirational and gracious words. Be in touch 07/01/2008
mr. Niranjan Shah
New Jersey 

Dear Shri Gidwani, Namaste! I must congratrulate you for founding American Institute of Sindhulogy. We have lost Sindhu, but Sindhu is still there. Sindhu Saraswati Civilization is the cradle of civilization. I read about the foundation. Last three months we were out of USA to Malaysia, China, Thailand, Singapore, Bharat and Dubai. We had a stop at Karachi, Pakistan. I was reminded of the sacrifice people of Sindh gave to facilitate independence of Bharat. It is high time somebody should highlight this sacrifice, mostly by Sindhis, Sikhs and sudents of NW. Lala Uttamchand of NW helped Subhash Bose for the great escape to Germany. I remember reading name of Hingorani in connection to this institutions. I did my B.E. civil from Baroda in 1954 and we had Hingorani with me. Anyway please let me know if I can do something for your worthy cause. I have two copies of Return of Aryans. Though it makes us proud of our most ancient culture, its presentation is sweet. It is true that Gidwani has done very good collection of Folk songs and stories. I am working on a similar book but a shorter one. I am in touch with mu friend David Frawley on this matter. He is one of the piuoneers of coining Sindhu Saraswati Civilization. - Niranjan Shah June 02, 2008

Reply: Thank you Mr. Shah for your gracious comment. It is very emotional for me to hear from a non sindhi about the sacrifice of Sindhis and Sindhi to facilite independence of India. AIS has undertaken this mission of Forgotten Sindhi Heros of Freedom Struggle. This is the missing part of the history. This research on the subject is posted on the web site with the help of Dr. Dur Pathan of Gul Hayat research institute Dokri Larkana. AIS is grateful to him. Thank you 06/02/2008
Amar Jaleel
Karachi Pakistan 

My dear Dial V. Gidwani,

Thanks for keeping me well-informed. It makes me proud that I belong to you, the GENUINE AND ORIGINAL SINDHIS. After their departure from motherland Sindh has lost its grandeur and glory. It has decayed. It is in ruins.

Body ultimately decays and decomposes. From the mortal cage body spirit soul is liberated. Sindh is dead. Sindhiyat is the soul of Sindh. You have nurtured it. You have saved it. You have given it wings to overwhelm the world.

I wonder, if you have a space I would like to send you occasionally short stories on partition, and about fundamentalism in Pakistan!

With love and regards,

Reply: Thank you for your very gracious and kind words It will be a pleasure to share your stories on partition of India by posting on the web site 06/01/2008
Uma,Pahari,Lalit,Samir Kotwal

Uma, Pahari , Lalit, Samir and Kotwal

Not many Indians are likely to buy an expensive, bulky book -Return of the Aryans - published by Penguin Books, India and its sale is largely confined to foreign countries, and therefore the best course is to view the Themes from that book which are shown at They appear in that website under “Projects”. .These themes will give an idea of how the roots of Hinduism began in Bharat Varsha Indian subcontinent in 8,000 BCE and how the Aryans who originated in India in 5,000 BCE travelled to a large number of countries in Asia and Europe, including Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Russia, Finland, Lithuania, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Greece and Germany and their adventures and exploits there. These Themes will give an idea of how art and and development flourished in that period of pre-History in India

Anyone reading the Themes on website will clearly come to the conclusion that the Aryan Invasion Theory of India is false and was designed as a propagandist hoax.

We will of course look forward to articles from the learned and eminent personalities like Koenraad Elst , David Frawley and other great writers such as Gautier and we hope Tattav will not fail to invite all such celebrated thinkers to contribute so that such ugly propaganda does not rear its vicious head again

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
M R Chowdhri

M.R. Chowdhri

Nithin Sridhar in his excellent article on The Whitewashing of History, writes:

“The history of India has been whitewashed and distorted, first by European rulers, and after independence by eminent historians of India and their supporters the Leftists, Seculars and self-claimed Progressives of India to meet their own ends. They have painted the pre-Islamic invasion period as a Dark Age and have glorified the Islamic period to be very peaceful and prosperous.. . ”

The above statement is undoubtedly correct. BUT THE QUESTION ONE MUST ASK IS: Who do we blame? If enemies are throwing stones at us, should not our own people do something to put a stop to it? Or is it some strange form of AHIMSA we have got in our brains that we should not put a stop to stones being flung at us by our enemies but instead we should shed tears and loudly cry out to public that stones are being flung at us by enemies.

The fault, I submit, is ours. Enemies will do what enemies are supposed to do. But if we have self-respect and legitimate pride, we should retaliate or at least expose their lies, fabrications and propaganda. If we cannot do that, then there is something fundamentally wrong with us.

I am glad that David Frawley, Koenraad Elstand many others who originally belonged to foreign cultures but have taken to heart the Hindu cause and faith, are doing so much against ‘Enemy’ propaganda. What about the rest of us. What about the rest of us? What is our function? - to cry out and seek public sympathy for propaganda against Hinduism. PLEASE WAKE UP. The public goes by, uncaring, or in contempt or simply laughing.

I like and admire the counter-punch in Bhagwan Gidwani’s “Return of the Aryans”. Those of us who see only falsehood in a novel know nothing of history, literature or dramatic presentation

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Nilima Ghosh

Nilima Ghosh

So much has been said so elegantly in response to a very interesting and informative article by Nithin Sridhar that I recomend what others have urged, thai is, all these comments be immediatelysubmitted to Koenraad Elst , David Frawley and other well-known writers of Hidu ethos, to give us an objective view of the Aryan history and in particular of their origin in India and travel westwards

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Rita P Mohina

Rita P Mohina

Bhagwat Shah is right. Religious leaders and writers have certainly let down India, Hinduism and its cultural awakening. The Internet has given birth to so many Hindu organizations to place their ever-growing website on it. But what is the value of those websites? They write in an idiom and style which cannot appeal to the modern day youth or the masses. In short they write for themselves or for those who are already fully and wholly committed to the Hindu cause. There is nothing in them to reach out and have a popular appeal. Nothing fresh except the Sanskritized rehash of old literature made even more obscure by difficult phrases and complex language with the object of showing how learned and educated they themselves personally are. Their object seems to be to draw attention to their own personal learning rather that to meet the needs of others for enlightenment.

Hinduism is a great religion. But when Religious leaders in their websites take it out of the popular field, they do grave harm to it. What we have to have is popular appeal – TV, Films, Dramas and Novels. For instance, the TV on Ramayana and Mahabharta has done more for the popular understanding of Hinduism than all the Hindu websites put together. Similarly, the novel Return of the Aryans by Gidwani has done more to popularize Hinduism throughout the world.
Anyone who reads the Hindu websites , with all their ponderous language, will not know if the Aryan Invasion Theory is true or not. But anyone reading the Return of the Aryans will clearly know that the Theory is false and foolish and nothing but propaganda.I note the suggestion made by Bhowmick Narayan that the emient personalities like Koenraad Elst and David Frawley to write articles for Tattava so that the theory of Aryan Invasion of India is laid to rest as false and propagadistic

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Putli Arjan Dadlani

Putli, Arjun, Dadlani
We fully subscribe to the view that Gidwani’s Return of the Aryans gives a well-deserved body blow to the Aryan Invasion Theory of India and clearly shows how ridiculous and false that Theory is.The Return of Aryans goes ahead to show that the people of Bharat Varsha were the original Aryans ad they traveled to far countries in Asia and Europe.
For the rest, one has to agree with fine article by Nithin Sridhar and very sensible response by Bhagwat Shah.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Govind Shahani

Govind Shahani
I appreciate what Bhagwat Shah says. His views deserve respect, consideration and action. We are sadly neglecting the cultural enlightement of our youngsters and of the common man in India.. I hope Tattava will kindly give consideration to the views of Bhagwat Shah and take action to the extent it can. Tattava, as I see it, has eminent and highly educated editorial team which can do much to encourage all, including Education authorities to disseminate correct information about India and its cultural past.

Bhagwat Shah is correct that our religious leaders, politiciansand educationists are unconcerned. But I do not blame the masses so much. They have simply been let down by their leaders - religious and political.

I also agree to some extent with Mirchand, in the comments as above, when he says that “our people sometimes become dogmatic, coming under the influence of foreign dogma, and they try to tell us that what is NOT written in a certain Religious book or books CANNOT be true and therefore they close their minds to all other evidence”. I recall one instance where a foremost Hindu Magazine refused to publish information about “Return of the Aryans” on the ground that the book is marked ‘fiction’ and the information there is not in Vedic literature. But as corrctly pointed out by others, the book is about an era much prior to Vedas and the author clearly has researched his material though to present it in story form with invented dialogues for a film or TV Sscript, he has been honest enough to mark the book as ‘Fiction’. People of dogma - Christian, Muslims, Jews, and others - happily quote from novel and other literature to glorify the cultural heritage of their own people, but our Hindu preachers act with dogma and put on a ‘holier than thou’ attitude to remain aloof from such great literature. I, for one, whenever anyone talks of Aryan Invasion Theory of India thrust on to them the thesis in “Return of the Aryans” that Aryans originated in India and civilized to an extent many regions and countries in their extensive travels abroad.

Be that as it may, I repeat that the comments of Bhagwat Shah should be considered by all and in particular by the TATTAVA editorial team and there should be focus on bringing matters of cultural awareness to all.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Bhagwat Shah

Bhagwat Shah
Great info - but - how are we making sure this gets passed onto our children or to the common man in India ? Scholarly treaties, novels or articles are not read by the masses and we need to make sure this info gets to the masses. What is the proposal for that ? Are we going to make sure the education system in India and abroad takes note of these findings and research ? If so, how ?

We continue to shout in the cyber space, but, in the schools and universities around the world - including India, none of this matters. They are still sticking to the old books. What are the plans to change them ?

Sadly, our religious leaders are not concerned with this research or spreading this info. Our politicians are definitely not interested as there are no votes in this Hindus vote bank does not exist for them !!!! . Our educationalists are not interested as they don’t want to have to re-read and re-educate themselves, besides, they are brought up on old prejudices and are unwilling to change it. Saddest of all, our masses are not interested. They do not care about anything beyond the next bollywood release and cricket score. To them our ruined temples and ruined histories are of no consequence at all.

Until we start to educate the new generation and do so on a wide scale, this info will be limited to the elite and will not help us lift our country, culture or religion out of the mire its in at present. We have to do this in India and outside India. Don’t wait for the gov or religious bodies to do this, I propose we do this ourselves. We are happy to send our children to tennis and piano lessons, we should also send them to Indian culture lessons.

If need be, we have to start these lessons ourselves and use the research on-line to educate our children. Having tried different institutions, I eventually started my own classes in London to teach children of my own friends and family. We can’t wait for others. We have to do this for ourselves.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Kan Kripalani

Kan Kripalani
Very nice article by Nithin Sridhar with nice quotations from many writers to show how faulty is the Aryan Invasion Theory of India. But the writer who totally demolishes the Aryan Invasion Theory of India is Bhagwan S. Gidwani - see his book ‘Return of the Aryans. With Gidwani’s theory that Aryans were actually Indians and they are the ones who traveled all over the then known world, in search of th Land of the Pure, makes the Aryan Invasion Theory of India, absolutely ridiculous. Is Gidwani’s theory of foreign travel by Aryans of India, correct? I don’t know for certain but his book makes a fine- even beautiful - reading and the case he makes for Aryans traveling out of India quite convincing. Also what it proves to the hilt is that the Aryan Invasion Theory of India is utterly and hopelessly wrong and ridiculous.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Pran Nath Jaidev

Pran nath Jaidev
Nithin Sridhar’s article-The Whitewashing of History- is impressive. Equally, I find the comments by Jagjit Mirchand and Bhowmick Narayan very useful.
I would wholeheartedly agree with the suggestion that Koenraad Elst and David Frawley may be requested for updated articles for Tattava so that the theory of Aryan Invasion of India is understood and analysed.

As far as Bhagwan Gidwani’s book Return of the Aryans is concerned, the author called it a novel because he said in his preface that he invented the dialogues in order to tell the story of the drama of the roots of our civilization otherwse, as I see it, the story is well-researched has the air of plausibility apart from being a very enjoyable book to read - which is successful in India and even more abroad and is being translated in French. But frankly, the jury is still out in my mind about the Aryans having originated in India only or was it a mass migration and movement from many parts of the world at about the same time?

Tattava can do much to have all these matters brought to light. They are most important matters as they relate to roots of our society, religion and civilization.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Bhowmick Narayan

Bhowmick Narayan

Nithin Sridhar’s article-The Whitewashing of History- is honest and objective. I fully agree that the Aryan Invasion Theory is a hoax and I am grateful to Tattava for bringing such matters out in the open so that the falsehoods and distortions in our history are clearly named as such. I fully agree with Nithin Sridhar’s observation that “It is time that the self interests are kept aside and the facts of history made known to the masses”. The conclusion drawn by David Frawley is absolutely correct that “In short, the compelling reasons for the Aryan invasion theory were neither literary nor archeological but political and religious, that is to say, not scholarship but prejudice.”
It is necessary also to read and learn from the very iluminating writing of Koenraad Elst who conclusively shows that there is no Evidence for the so-called Aryan Invasion of India” .

It is necessary also to refer to Bhagwan S. Gidwani’s book , Return of the Aryans which clearly demonstrates with thousands of clues and evidence that the Aryans of Sanatan Dharma the root of Hinduism emanated from India and traveled from India to foreign lands not only of West Asia and Europe in 5,000 but even to other countries to the East such as Mingolia, China, Indonesia etc. It is true that a large number of foreigners who joined the Aryans locally came with them when Aryans finally returned to India but is that an not ‘invasion’? No, they came with goodwill and friendship.

The book, Return of the Aryans, is written in the form of a story to dramatize the birth and beginnings of the roots of Hinduism at the dawn of civilization in 8,000 BCE, and the origin of the Aryans in India in 5,000 BCE and is described as a ‘novel’. YET it is based on solid research. I have come across even many Hindus even who have said that since the book is not based on Vedas or historical Hindu epics or literature, it cannot be taken seriously BUT they forget the fact that Vedas were written in or after 4,000 BCE and all Hindu epics and iterature came thereafter while Return of the Aryans deals with period of 8,000 BCE to 5,000 BCE, which may be described as a pre-Vedic age which itself must be regarded as a somewhat settled society to have given birth to the Vedic Age in which the Hindu and Aryan literature blossomed. Remember, thre was no witten language in the period of 8,000 BCE to 5,000 BCE and the book, Return of the Aryans, bases itself on oral traditions and memory songs that possibly survive and therefore the author of the book, with due honesty, himself gives it the lable of Fiction, choosing to write it in story form or a novel. Unfortunatly, there exists no book other than the Return of the Aryans which writes about the PreVedic times of India - neither by an Indian author nor by even a foreign author. Oral traditions are themselves regarded as a foundation of history everywhere but our people sometimes become dogmatic, coming under the influence of foreign dogma, and they try to tell us that what is NOT written in a certain Religious book or books CANNOT be true and therefore they close their minds to all other evidence.

In closing, i again refer to Nithin Sridhar’s observation that the facts of history must be made known to all and therefore I request Editor Tattava to kindly consider inviting and requesting the emient personalities like Koenraad Elst and David Frawley to write articles for Tattava so that the theory of Aryan Invasion of India is laid to rest as false and propagadistic .These are writers from whom many draw inspiration and their contribution will be truly worthwhile.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Prof. Jagjit Mirchand

Prof. Jagjit Mirchand
May 1st, 2008 18:22
I congratulat Nithin Sridhar on the excellence of his article and in particular, for his clear explanation that the Aryan Invasion Theory is false and was fabricated by the British for propagandisic reasons. I wish howver that Sridhar had mentioned a masterly book - “RETURN OF THE ARYANS” by Bhagwan Gidwani, published by Penguin Books India, which clearly shows that Aryans originated from India - and no where else - and how these Aryans travelled to countries in West Asia and Europe, including, Iran, Turkey, Lithuania, Finland, Russia, Swede, Nirway, Denmark, Greece, Italy and Germany, and how after long periods of stay there, many of these Aryans retuned to their hoetown abd hertage of BHARAT VARSHA INDIAN SUBCONTINENT This book is written the form of a novel but is based on extensive research. See also the website which summarises under ‘Projects’ some of the Themes in “RETURN OF THE ARYANS”. Please click on the ‘Projects’ and a list of Themes from “RETURN OF THE ARYANS” will appear. You can then click the Theme that you wish to see. Clearly, the book shows the motivation of these Aryans of BHARAT VARSHA and their adventures, exploits and successes in those distant countries

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Arjan Dadlani

Once again congratulations for excellent themes presented with beauty and style. Theme 11 is unmatched and makes a deep impression
Arjun Dadlani

May 11,2008

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Mahima Roychowdhri

President, AIS

Extremely intersting themes.Thanks to Sindhulogy.
Theme 11 brings out the sadness of those times so beautifully and so realistically.
AIS is doing great work but I think you should also encourage actively other writers to research and write on that era . So much needs to be brought out . It is strange that only one author -Gidwani- has written on that era. There should be greater and more intensive study. Hopely you publication of these Themes will achiev that objective
May 11,2008

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Vimla Raisinghani

Thank you for these great themes. You are rendering great service to the Sindhi, Indian and World cause. I understand Mr LK Advani justifiably referred to themes from Return of the Aryans in his autobiography which has come out recently and i hope you will circulate them to all individually and on website. So glad that our Mr Ram Jethmalani is full of praise and joins you also not only in praise of such Themes and song of sindhu hindu but also in progressing AWAKENING which seeks to shows our roots
Sindhi community has reason to thank you for your deep devotion to its concerns and needs, and your accomplishments .

Reply: Thank you for your comments.


Reply: Congratulation. Will look up web site and will contact you Thanks 05/10/2008
Dr.Muhammad Ali Thalho

It is really a great pleasure for us that very much informative website and research work is available under the umbrella of Sindhuology and efforts of Mr. .Dial.v.Gidwani are remarkable to establish such organization which is working for promotion of sindhi language and tradition and it was also a moment of pleasure for me to find the name of Gul Hayat institute on site. .Gul Hayat institute under the supervision of Dr.Dur Muhammad Pathan is doing a great work for research on Sindh and culture, in very limited resources Dr. Pathan is working for institute day and night, and providing lot of facilitates to the researchers, I really appreciate his efforts and his inspirations to work for sindhi culture and language. I am happy to see that Sindhuology and Gul Hayat institute has coordination and working relationship it is not far when these institutes will be known in all over the world for their work and efforts regarding the promotion of Sindhi Language culture and traditions

Reply: Thank you Dr. Thalio for your gracious encouraging remarks . Sindhis have not been treated well after partition inspite of their valuable contribution both in India, Pakistan and the world. Our 3/4 generation are totally ignorant of our valueable wealth of culture. We need to be identified and respected. 05/09/2008
Arjun Sippy

am glad to see Mr. Ramesh Kateja s message announcing that the Film The Awakening in Singlish Sindhi-English and its Hindi version is released in Multiplexes and many other cinema houses in Mumbai, Ulhasnagar, Calcutta and other cities.

I fully endorse the suggestion of Mr. Kateja that we should all encourage the movie-makers by watching this epic saga with family and friends. Also please do little lip service and spread the word among those Sindhis who do not have access to Internet and news media.

It is necessary for all of us to try our best to encourage such movies which are cultural oriented. I am forwarding a copy of Mr. Ramesh Kateja s message to everyone I know through separate messages. But really, I do not know how the film can reach Sindhis all over. Some way should be found.

I must congratulate AIS too for producing ten outstanding themes from Bhagwan Gidwani s masterly book, Return of the Aryans on their website . They are truly great for artists to work on. My own favorites among those ten thems are OM OM OM - the First Word of God? and Sindhuputra, the Spiritual Leader of Sindh in 5,000 BC The assaination of Sindhu Putra reminds us of the recent tragic assaisination of Mrs. Benazeer Bhutto.

But even the eight other themes presented by AIS from Bhagwan Gidwani s great book are memorable and I wish there would be artists forthcoming to handle those magnificent themes.

Arjun Sippy

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Parkash Lohana
Karachi - SINDH 

Nice site, very good site to unite sindhis all over the world.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Gul Hassan Kalmatti
Karachi Sindh 

Dial v.Gidwani
Sindhu American Founding,
jeay Sindh,
Thaks for reply,I Daily visit ur site, read about freedom fighters and documents.I again minsion that i apprciated ur excellent work.
As soon as possible i send u my new book KARACHI SINDH JEE MARVEE on your
mailling adress, please read and comments.I weekly touch with Dr.Dur Mohd
Pathan.keep in touch. thanx
Gul Hassan kalmatti karachi sindh

Reply: Thank you for your gracious comments. I look forward reading the book. April 10.2008
Gul Hassan Kalmatti
Karachi Sindh 

Dear frinds Americans Institute of Sindhulogy,
Haq mojood Sindh mojood.

visit your website,you are doing excellent job for SINDHIYAT .Congratulation to you and your orgnization.I vastly appreciated your work,i express the hope that you will continue this, this a great work to promote and give awarense about SINDHU and SARASWATI CIVILIZATION.
I wort four books in sindhi in same thems, 1 Eik Ruthal Shar ji kahani History of karachi 2 Sindhu ji saffar kahani from Ladakh india to shah Bandar sindh pakistan,a traslated BBC program sher Darya 3 Baruf jo Dozakh,a traveluoge of sawat, Dir and lowari pass Hindukush.Recently in August2007 may an other Historical book published,detial given blew.
It is greatfully submitted u and ur orgnization that KACHHO publication has been published my a Historical book KARACHI SINDH JE MARVEE the new literacy and research book on History of karachi.
The dtails of the book are as under
Pages 640
Size A 4
photoscolor and B W 250
Maps 10
Price 800 Pakistani Rupees
MUHAG{preface} by Amir Jalil
Book is Highly informative
once again my thanks.
08 04 08
CELL NO 00923222445370

Reply: Thank you Kalmatti saeen. Your email has added to our knowledge of missing history. How can we access these books? AIS/Global Sindhi/Gul Hayat, research institute (Dr. Dur Pathan of Dokri jointly undertook project on Sindhi Freedom Fighters. Please read 60 page document on the web site I will be in touch with you by email Dial V.Gidwani-Sindhu American Founding President
Arjun and Putli Dadlani

This is a wonderful article by Dial Gidwani and we recommend all Sindhis must read this. Please note specially references to Rash Behari Bose, Subash Chandra Bose, Rash Bihari Bose, Dr. Choithram, Shri Watumall, Vishnu Sharma, Lokram Sharma, K.R. Malkani and many more.

Such great articles enrich our heritage and we thank Dial Gidwani.

Arjun and Putli Dadlani

Reply: Thank you both for your gracious comment. Please circulate Thanks 04/02/08
Mohan and Padma Hingorani

reproduce hereunder a article by Mr. Dial Gidwani . He deserves to be congratulated for capturing the essence of the times of the Gadar Revolt. His research is truly admirable. I also note the great role of Dr. Choithram Gidwani

My respect for SindhWorkis goes up. I particularly like the following about the gentleman from Watumals
The grand old man heading the Watumalls is said to remark when someone questioned him as to why he does not publicize his charities, he quoted Rahim who was a great philanthropist, dene wala koi aur hai; log brahm mujh pay kyoun karen! Means: Giver is Some One Else - implying that there is some Higher Power that is the Giver - So why should people think that I am the giver? .

How elegantly Shri Watumal has explained his selflessness in giving to charities. I hope Mr Dial Gidwani will communicate my deep appreciation and the deep appreciation of the Sindhi Society to Shri Watumal

Mohan Hingorani

Reply: AIS will forward your message. Here is the address Mr. Gulab Watumull President Watumull Foundation 307, Lewer Street #600, Honolulu State Hi 96815 Thank you for your comments. 04/01
Bharati Lalwani

Dear Dr.Gidwani and Mr Hingorani
I agree with each and everyone who has complimented you on the excellence of the Chapters Themes from ROTA. These Themes present with honesty and objectivity the various aspects of the glory and greatness of Bhara Varsha from the dawn of civilization from 8 000 BC. But I was thinking that each is related to a particular aspect of past greatness and glory and surely that is the correct way. In view of that would it not be worthwhile to have an overall chapter to present a birds eye view of the entire scene of Bharat Varsha of those times. Of course the individual themes as you are presenting must continue to be there. I hope you will kindly have this suggestion cinsidered by the Editorial Department of AIS.

Needless to say that AIS is doing an admirable job in presenting these great themes. The knowledge they provide and inspiration they offer is tremendous.

With Regards

Bharati Lalwani

Reply: Thank you for your supporting message 02/29/2008
Sunder Shanti Vaswani

Dear Dr Gidwan and Mr.Hingorani

What a pleasure it was to read the following two themes chapters on your website.

7- Discovery of the Source and Destination of Sindhu River
8 - Medicine and Surgery in ancient Bharat Varsha

There is beauty abd greatness of Bharat Varsha so lovingly and sincerely brought out by you.

You were right in giving the chapter OM the first place. as it is possibly the first word of God. Since then, each chapter given by you is a great masterpiece. I thank you and I hope you will keep on adding these great chapters.

Reply: Thank you for your appreciation 02/28/2008
Dr. Asha Rijhsinghani

The history of freedom movement in British India with emphasis on the role of heroic Sindhi freedom fighters

It will be a pleasure and a previlage to be a part of this movement. Besides the donation, I would like to know how I could get involved. I am at this time pledging $501 towards this movement. Let me know how and where to send it, also the SS # for tax purposes it is called EIN # or something like that in India . And please let me know what I could do to help, other than the donation.
All the best with the visiting professor s program. I wish I was there attending it.
Please give my regards to Ranjit.

3743 Forest Gate Dr. NE

Iowa City, IA 52240

Reply: Thank you for your generous donation. Last year Mr. Bhagwan Lokumal Mansukhani from Boston pledged to match donation from supporters. It was successful. This year he has made same offer and hope it will be better than last year. February, 26,2008
Nirmal Malkani
Colorado, USA 

I was very pleased to see the following two themes
Discovery of the Source and Destination of Sindhu River
Medicine and Surgery in ancient Bharat Varsha .

These two themes along with earlier themes make a remarkable collection and I thank AIS for the enterprising service and look forward to many more themes. I can see a lot of effort and learning in preparation of all these themes and in bringing out the salient points and all I say is - Well done, AIS
Nirmal Malkani

Reply: Thank you Mr. Mrs Malkani 02/24/2008
Alka Shahani

To. Mr N. Hingorani, President AIS

Dear mr. Hingorani,

With gratitude and respect, I have seen and gone thru following themes from Return of Aryans on your AIS website:

Chapter 2 - Concern for Environment in Bharat Varsha in Pre-Vedic times - 8000 BCE
Chapter 3 - Woman s Status In Ancient Bharat Varsha the Indian Subcontinent
Chapter 4 - Introduction
Chapter 4 - Aryans In Germany Part 2 of 3
Chapter 4 - Aryans In Germany Part 3 of 3
Chapter 5 - Sarawati River
Chapter 6 - Saraswati and Soma Wine
Chapter 7 - Discovery of the Source and Destination of Sindhu River
Chapter 8 - Medicine and Surgery in ancient Bharat Varsha

i think your editors in AIS have done a remarkable job in poducing these fine themes. Each one of them is a great thought-provoking theme worth reading worth circulating and worth keeping before oneself.

you have marked these themes as chapters. Do I take it that you ae planing to produce a book with above chapterization. That would be a wonderful idea and many would welcome it.
Alka 02 21 2008

Reply: Thank you for your comments.

Once again, we wish to compliment AIS on the excellence in performing their work and mission to kep alive the knowledge of the past.
AIS presentation of the following themes is a great boon to the community and makes us all better informed.

- Concern for Environment in Bharat Varsha in Pre-Vedic times - 8000 BCE
- Woman s Status In Ancient Bharat Varsha the Indian Subcontinent
- Aryans In Germany
- Sarawati River
- Saraswati and Soma Wine
- Discovery of the Source and Destination of Sindhu River
- Medicine and Surgery in ancient Bharat Varsha

We suggest that after all themes are presented, AIS may consider printing and publishing a book containg all the themes. This will serve as obridgement to the great book - Return of Ayans and this new book will be fully focussed on themes.

Padma and Sunder

Reply: Thank you for your gracious support 02/24/2008
Murli Chainani
Connecticut, USA 

Many have writtn about the excellence of themes from ROTA which are being presented by AIS in such admirable manner and style. I join them in my appreciation. ROTA is long and goes on to nearly 1000 pages. These themes provide excellent summaries of the essentials. Certainly, they are educative and lead to quest for more research.
AIS deserves to be nominated as the most outstanding website for the great service it provides in keeping us increasingly aware of the ancient civilization of Sindh and Bharat Varsha. It is a great service .


Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Mohan Hingorani


I too would like to add my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the excellence with which the themes from the great book -Return of the Aryans- are being presented by AIS. The book is long and bulky and AIS is dong a remarkable job in summarizing the themes. This provides not only incentive for further research but more so, the informative and inspirational value of these themes is powerful - and AIS deserves thanks from us all in fulfiling this mission remarkably well. I wish other Sindhi and Indian organizations would likewise attach themselves to such tasks which have profound significance in keeping the world better informed.
Once again, Thanks, AIS
Mohan Hingorani

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Rohan Bijlani

sital, shalni, Ranjit and so many are absolutely right in their compliments and congratulations to the amrican institute of sindhulogy AIS for their marvellous themes. It is a joy to read these themes. They inspire and instruct and educate. I hope you will continue them . I realize the hard work and intellectual effort in preparing them and you are really doing a great job. Many of us circulate these but I think that some way should be found to see that they reach not only Sindhis but all over to everyone. Their message is universal

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Arjun Dadlani

I agree with Shalni, Ranjit Bhavnani and many others who have written to praise your masterly presentation of themes from Return of the Aryans. Your editorial staff is doing a magnificent job in producing these fine summaries without losing the flavour and essence of the great book . My favourite is the first theme on OM but each theme is presented with impressive style and honest rendering. My congratulations to your Editors in AIS.

Reply: 2/16/2008
Shalni and Ranjit Bhavnani

sital menghnani and his large group of associates who have written on your guest book are absolutely right in complimenting AIS for presenting themes from the great book - Return of Aryans. Your manner of presenting the themes is most praisworthy and certaily adds to knowledge and inspiration . We look forward to many more themes from you.

Shalni and Ranjit Bhavnani

Reply: Thank you for your encouraging support 02/14/08
Sital Menghnani

Realy enjoyed much, reading your glorious themes from ROTA and we are circulating them to friends whose feed back also is thet they love these themes.
Sital Mengnani
Jamna Mengnani
Kanwal Assudomal
Kishu Tolaram
Tulsi Wadhwa
Hari Mirchandani
Sanwal Mirchandani

Reply: Thank you 02/10/08
Saroj Bulchandani

Your website continues to be great and truly AIS - its workers,directors and editors deserve deserve compliment for the ecellent chapters with such instructive and inspiring themes from Return of the Aryans.
Please keep them coming.

Reply: Thanks Saroj. 02/10/08
Uma Silvestre

My congratulation on your rwo recent themes as under:
- Discovery of the Source and Destination of Sindhu River
- Medicine and Surgery in ancient Bharat Varsha .

I think your work in presenting these two themes is marvellous in continuation of the great work that you have put in into your earlier effort of presenting great themes of glory and greatness of Bharat Varsha. You bring to life the long forgotten ancient times of our great land - and I thank you.


Reply: Thank you for your gracious words. Othere themes will follow.Indians and the world must learn more about our heritage. Please listen to the CD and watch DVD on the web site . 02/10/07
Andrew Mulkani
Vancouver, BC CANADA 

My family was from the Sind region and although I was born in Europe and my parents are deceased, I have always been curious about our origins and had always researched without success any information about the civilization of that region, until I came across your website. I am now 70 years old and finally I can learn about this great people and its history. I have never been to the subcontinent having been brought up in the West.
Thank you for a great site.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.

i congratulate you on your wonderful themes as follows;
2 - Concern for Environment in Bharat Varsha in Pre-Vedic times - 8000 BCE
3 - Woman s Status In Ancient Bharat Varsha the Indian Subcontinent
4 - Aryans In Genrman
5 - Sarawati River
6 - – Saraswati and Soma Wine

In particular, I feel grateful for your themes:
OM OM OM! THE FIRST WORD OF GOD, and Sarawati River.
Other themes are also remarkable and there is reason to thank you and congratulate you


Reply: Thank you for your comments.
dr.dur muhammad pathan
gul hayat institute,khair muhammad arija,distt:lar 

the visit of your website made me believe that you are doing an excellent job for my and other sindhis are invited to visit our my istitution is rendering humble services in connection the obtaing,preservatoin and documentation of source material on history,culture,literature,politics,education and religion pertaining to the british period and our times.we are in position to provide photos,bio-datasof personalties relating to fields indicated,information material on any movement,event,association,party etc.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Alka Shahani

I agree with Shalni and others that your presntation of following Themes is truly great.
2 - Concern for Environment in Bharat Varsha in Pre-Vedic times - 8000 BCE
3 - Woman s Status In Ancient Bharat Varsha the Indian Subcontinent
4 - Aryans In Genrman
5 - Sarawati River
6 - – Saraswati and Soma Wine

I hope you continue presenting these marvelous themes which are so full of knowledge and interest. THANK YOU

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Shalni and Ranjit Bhavnani

I feel indebted to AIS for presenting the follwing excellent themes from the great book - Return of the Aryans.

Chapter 2 - Concern for Environment in Bharat Varsha in Pre-Vedic times - 8000 BCE
Chapter 3 - Woman s Status In Ancient Bharat Varsha the Indian Subcontinent
Chapter 4 - Aryans In Genrmany
Chapter 5 - Sarawati River
Chapter 6 - – Saraswati and Soma Wine

My friends to whom I circulated these themes from time to time, have also vastly appreciated them. I express the hope that AIS will continue to send additional themes. They are a refreshing addition to our knowledge of our ancient times and legacy.

Shalni Bhavnani
Ranjit Bhavnani

12 04 2007

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Arjun Sippy

Today, on SINDH-L at LISTSERV.UIUC.EDU, I was delighted to read the fascinating THEME on
Saraswati River joining Sindhu to flow to Arabian Sea and the Love Story of Brahmachari - the discoverer - as culled from Return of the Aryans.

I have then opened website and I see many wonderful Themes. I have glanced at some of them and not had the time to read all which i shall do so very shortly. But I have read enough to realize that what you are doing is really great and it serves to remind our people of the CULTURE LEGACY of out times. You people at Sindhuogy have reason to be proud. I hope as themes grow in number, you will publish them in the form of a printed book which at times is far more convenient to handle. Kindly consider this in due course and meanwhile your editors deserve to be complimented.

Arjun Sippy
USA 11 23 2007

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Brij Bhushan
Toronto Canada 

I have seen six chapters of themes from Return of the Aryans which you have published and i appreciate your excellent output. You have brought out these Themes in a very objective and wothy manner to focus attention.

Thre are many other wonderful themes in Return of the Aryans to which also attention needs to be drawn if we are truly to understand the cultural panaroma of our nation in the past.

I also fel it is necessary to draw poined attention to Indrani Bhatia s message on your Guest Book. Correctly she says We Hindus have reason to be ashamed of ourselves and sorry for being such poor examples to our children and grand children .

The sorry fact is that we are not encouraged or permitted to draw attention to our great past lest it be assumed that we are glorifying our Hindu roots and idealogy.

Therefore I congratulate Sindhulogy, its Directors President office-bearers with utmost respect, and thank each one of them
for their effort to remove this vacuum and light up the glorious past of our ancient culture and literature.

Brij Bhusan

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Mahima Roychowdhri

Today, I was very glad to see the following chapters in


Chapter 2 - Concern for Environment in Bharat Varsha in Pre-Vedic times - 8000 BCE

Chapter 3 - Woman s Status In Ancient Bharat Varsha the Indian Subcontinent

Chapter 4 - Aryans In Genrmany

Chapter 5 - Sarawati River

Chapter 6 - – Saraswati and Soma Wine .

I regard this as a noteworthy service on the part of AIS to publish these Chapters. It is true that this material is from a masterly book - RETURN of the ARYANS but it is an achievement to take it out of the ambit of the story in that great book and focus on essentially the theme. Each of these Chapters are beautifully presented in a highly self-contained manner without any tedious referencing and Editors of AIS deserve to be complimented.

Personally, I think instead of describing these as Chapters, you could have called them Themes but maybe, you are possibly thinking of publishing them subsequently in the form of a book as suplementing the book - RETURN of the ARYANS.

In any case you are reminding our generation of the legacy of culture that exised thousands of years ago in ancient Bharat Varsha. The sad fact is that In the cultural field, we have not prospered , whatever may be the achievements of India or even the entire Indian subcontinent.

Your Institute is thus performing a truly needed service


Reply: Thank you for your comments.
mike chase

test of guestbook. I heard that the guestbook is rejecting messages. Here is a message.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Mohan and Padmini Hingorani

Our gratitude to you for sending us two additional themes , namely, Theme Five- The story of Saraswati River,Theme six- The Story of Soma wine,

We are most grateful to you for your kindness and shall look forward to receiving more themes from you at your kind convenience.

These themes, along with earlier themes that you kindly sent to us have the true hall mark of excellence and the manner in which you have presented all these themes is praiseworthy.

There have been thousands of books and hundreds of thousands essays and commentries on Bharat Varshe from the Vedic and post Vedic periods after the great Vedas wrer composed. BUT not a single essay or article or book has been written by our great people on the pre Vedic period ie. the period before the RIG Veda and other vedas came to be written. Why? Because it is so easy to write brilliant books and essays of Vedic period as already much has been written during that time by learned philosophers. Fortunately your writer Mr Gidwani went far backwards to dig deep into the earlier roots of our vedic civilization and produced the book on our pre Vedic past when the earlist roots of Hinduism were formed in the shape of Sanatan Dharma. Now your themes are based on that book and presented in a very logical manner but since there is no other book of those pre-history times, is there any real scope for comments by any of us. In view of this, we would sumarize our comments as follows:

You are doing a true public service by circulating these fine research themes. Please continue this fine program. To discontinue it would be a pity. These themes extend the frontiers of our knowledge
At the same time you must encourage Universities to study these themes and come up with additional or supplementary material. In fact the attempt should be to encurage writers to research pre Vedic times to write more booke and essays on that period of prehistory. Please do not misunderstand this as a criticism of Mr Gidwani s work as we are convinced that he has done a remarkable job but let us face it., that period is so great that there is scope for hundreds of researched books instead of just one single book by Mr Gidwani though undoubtedly it is a magnificent book.
Similarly, you must try to interest not only Universities but also Government of India to sponsor a study of pre-Vedic era to add to material unearthed by your writer Mr Gidwani. How can such a period which forms the very foundation of our civilizations and Sanatana Dharma be the subject matter of one single book by your writer when obviously there is scope for a much wider coverage
Having said that, we would like to compliment AIS for presenting these great Themes brilliantly as there is real need for these Themes and it is essential for you to continue them without fail.

Mohan Hingorani
Padmani Hingorani
11 19 2007

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Bulo and Gita Thawani

Dear and Respected Dr Dial Gidwani and Directors Office Bearers Members of AIS,

Our thanks for sending us firstly your four marvellous Themes and now these two excellent themes:Five and Six-
You have asked for individual feed-back and comments. I do not know what to say to you in response. You have done such an excellent job in such elegant manner that all I can say is : Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen of AIS, for a job well done with a sense of dedication and a will to expand our knowledge in a commendable manner. . I thank you and I am certain that those who see these themes, will thank you for advancing their knowledge of these on the subjects. THANK YOU
As to your question: if this program of presenting these themes should be continued or in any way modified: My answer is simple: To discontinue or limit this program would be a tragedy.

Once again, my thanks

With Sincere Regards and Appreciation

Bulo and Gita Thanwani 11 19 2007

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Indrarani Bhatia

I have to thank you for the understanding and enlightenment that I received from your Theme “OM OM OM! First Word of God?

At the same time I wondered why it is that we Hindus are so ignorant about the basic fundamentals of our faith and culture when Christians know so much about their faith; and Muslims too know all about their Islamic tenets; and similarly the Jews. Even Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, which are the off shoots of Hinduism know so much about the basics of their faith and culture while we Hindus are so ignorant and unaware.

But then I thought that the ignorance was personally mine and that other Hindus may know better. I checked it out on last four Sundays from groups who visit the same temple as I do practically every Sunday when lunch is also served. I found that these educated Hindus while they utter OM and Om Shanti Shanti often, they know so little about the significance, inspiration ad even the history of OM. Their ignorance was as much as mine was before I read your Theme. I hope you succeed in breaking this barrier of ignorance among Hindus.

Please do not think I am a fanatic. Like every enlightened hindu I respect and honor all faiths but I just do not see why everyone including even Hindus treats Hinduism the way they do. Hence my respect for Sindhulogy for giving Hinduism its due and bringing out glory of Sanatan Dharma - our ageless faith

We Hindus have reason to be ashamed of ourselves and sorry for being such poor examples to our children and grand children.
. So I see your work by Sindhulogy with respect

What I say about your Theme on OM, is true of other themes too. These three other Themes that you have presented also bring lot of enlightenment It is to be hoped that their message reaches all and your members have duty to see that they re- circulate these themes reach as many people as possible. Themes have educational value for 3 4 generation, for book clubs

My grateful thanks to Sindhulogy Institute and its officers workers members for its extraordinary work.

Indrani Bhatia

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Jayesh Methwani
New York 

Greetings and Happy Diwali. Mr. Gidwani.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to me this afternoon, very kind of you to share your organizations goal, which I sincerely appreciate as a born Sindhi from India.

As per our conversation, I am sending this email and look forward to working with you. Please feel free to ring me at anytime, Im just a phone call away.


Jayesh Methwani

Reply: Dear Jayesh, Thank you for your call. I am very happy to recognize your interest in our Ancient Culture. AIS is happy to welcome our 3/4 generation to help in our mission of reaching out to Indians/Americans/Jews about our Ancient culture,heritage and teachings from Sindhu Saraswati Civilization. Please read seven years report and AIS successes. I recommend if you can read the book Return of the Aryans. This book was presented to many libraries in the USA. Please check library in your area. R
Prannath Jaidev

Truly, you deserve congratulations of highest order for presenting the following four theme:


Chapter 2 - Concern for Environment in Bharat Varsha in Pre-Vedic times - 8000 BCE

Chapter 3 - Woman s Status In Ancient Bharat Varsha the Indian Subcontinent

Chapter 4 - Aryans In Germany 5000 BCE

You have presented these themes in a very admirable style so that even a novice can understand these complex subjects and admire the clear message that springs from them.

I thank Sindhulogy Institute for this great service.

I have read bhagwan gidwani s outstanding book Return of the aryans. BUT i am satisfied that the way you have presented these themes is superior even to Bhagwan gidwani s presentation. I am not finding fault with bhagwan gidwani for he has done great service but he was trying to tell a great story of Sanatan Dharma and Hinduism, and within that story was giving outstanding knowledge of these intricate and important subjects. In separating these themes from the story, you have done a truly great job and your manner of presenting these is really highly appealing.

PranNath Jaidev


Reply: Thank you for your gracious encouraging comments 11/14/2007
Bhowmick Narayan

What a pleasure it is to visit the AIS website. I have learnt much from it - and I shall keep visiting it often.

The site was recommended to me by my friend S.N. Kaul but I did not expect the site to be as great as Kaul recommended it. It is truly superb. What fascinates me are the themes from Return of the Aryans . I loved the theme on OM, Om Om - the first word of God. Also three other themes are truly great - each a masterpiece.

Thank you AIS, keep those themes coming. There is real literature, knowledge and wisdom in these great themes.
AIS fills admirably the sad cultural vacuum left in our times


Reply: Thank you for your words of encouragement.W will be mailing two more themes Saraswati river and Soma wine 11/12/2007
Bulo Gita Thanwani

Thank you sir for your message Re: Song of Sindhu Hindu now available on AIS web site for listening- Down loading.

It is a real pleasue To listen to Song of Sindhu Hindu available on AIS web site.



Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Putli Arjun Dadlani

Sindhulogy deserves to be congratulated for this remarkable effort of presenting FIFTY THREE THEMES FROM Return of the Aryans FOR EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH

Putli and I have read with pleasure your fine summaries of Research on :

Theme one - OM OM OM! First word of God?
Theme two- Environment in Bharat Varsha in Pre-Vedic times - 8000 BCE.
The fourth theme - Aryans in Germany in from Bharata Varsha 5,000 BCE.

Truly, we are impressed. You have put in effort in clarifying the issues on which more research needs to be done.

I have circulated copies of your Email along with these four research papers to quite a few friends and asscoiates and while I have not received feed-back from all of them, the few feedbacks I have received from professors and other academics conclusively prove to me that your action is worthy of follow-up and real research on these subjects will indeed provide a great contribution to historical literature.

I am sure your mailing list is wide and includes also non-Sindhi historians and academics. I would suggest that you send such research papers to all universities and in particular to all those who have India Asia study programs.


Arjun and Putli Dadlani

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Sital Meghnani

Dear AIS,

Your papers break out a new and great route for research. I admired all the four research papers and in particular on OM and Germany. But fascinating as they are, the question is : who is to do the research? While Gidwani has done fine work in his great book, Return of Aryans, his book shows that it took him endless years to do his research. Now you want more research. Certainly, it is a laudable objective and one that should be persued. But unless a band of true researchers can be found, there can be little progress.

Even so, I am happy at your presentation. It brings into focus the summary of research so far - leaving a challenge to researchers in the future. Please continue. Thanks.

Sital Menghnani

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
L alit Jhangiani
Chicago IL 

Dear Mr. Gidwani,

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for taking the time, trouble, and other resources required to produce the Song of Sindhu CD. It is truly inspirational; and I have already circulated copies to friends and family members alike.

Also, thanks for your leadership in making this organization a reality. YOU are a true inspiration to Sindhus of all ages !

Thank You Again,

Lalit Jhangiani

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Jai Prakash Moorani(Journalist)

Shree Dial Sahib
This was great to visit your website.It was an amazing experience. We in Sindh are very much pleased to see such great efforts to bring allthe Sindhies closer. Here in Sindh there are different news papers providing not only daily news but also the clutural reports and much more about sindh. You can visit our sites as
If any informartion regaring anything in Sindh is required I am here for you.
Now Sindhi software is also available freely why not you make the site in Sindhi also. it will also help our new genration living way from Sindh to keep there Sindhi liguistic knowledge up date.
I am looking forward for your words.
God bless you all

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
sajjan channa
oldham manchester 

may god help you forever for this nobel work
and give all us sindhi s strenght to recognise our selves and do better for land and language
saj channa

Reply: Thank you Mr. Chana for your encouragement 10/22/07
P. P. HIRANIPhoto-Journalist
2948 Emerald Chase DriveHerndon, VA-20171 

Respected Dial Sahib,
You have done a great job and favoured Sindhiyat!
Keep it up. More grease to your shoulders!
I had very hectic holiday of five and half months in
Bombay, with couple of projects. Am back here since
14th August. Hope to see you sometime. God Bless.
Warmest Regards.
2948 Emerald Chase Drive
Herndon, VA-20171.
# 703 956 1968

Reply: Thank you Mr. Hirani 10/21/2007
Engineer Assaram Alamchandani
Karachi Pakistan 

Dear Founder President Mr Dial Sahib and Mr Hingorani Sahib,
It is me Lord Blessings upon you that you have slected Sindhu name.This name is expressed in our Shastars too it is said that Sindhu is as much Respectable as Ganga and Jmuna for Hindus and all Sindhis as Mother.Mother feed Milk to her Children than Sindhu also feed us much than that from its water we drink,we get agriculture products not for humans but for all God creatures.I realy believe that you are blessed by Sindhu Mata.You need not simple Congratulations but more than that which I pray me Lord to give you more strength to work on this.
I am presently living in Karachi Sindh Pakistan and any information or service you,your team or the Sindhi world over need from me I will be at your Disposal.Further any one from world over want to visit Sindh my doors and arms are open to welcome. Sindhi Hindus have so far no land called as Sindh they should have one.
Sain sadain kareen mathy sindh sukar,
Dost mitha daldar toon alam sabh abad kareen
My Love for you and your family and all Sindhs Global.
Assaram email aac6993 at
Contact # +92 333 390-5052

Reply: Thank you Mr. Alamchandani for your encouraging words.I will write you seperately. Dial V.Gidwani
Roy Mannsukhani
Boston USA 

First time I had a chance to eview the website and I must complement the designers and developers for a user friendly site. The pioneering work will enable many Sindhi s world wide to appreciate not only their heritage but also the genelogical influence of who we are, why we are and where we are . There is no country I know off that a Sindhi has not found and settled in for one reason or other. This shows we are pioneers and more important leaders.

Who was it that said follow not the path that you see, beat a new path so others may follow.

It may be a good idea to list the names of the persons in alphabetical order who are making a donation without mentioing the amount.

Good Luck and God Bless

Reply: Thank you Roy 6/25/2007
Anil Anita Lalwani
London UK 

Dear Mr Gidwani

My apologies for this late response.

The new CD on the Song of the Sindhu Hindu is excellent ! It is of high quality, both in content and the sound is clear and melodious! The effort in producing - and distributing -something like this must have been great. My wife, Anita, too has appreciated this very much.

My sincere thanks again, to you, to the musicians and to all others who have helped. I shall keep it alongside my copy of Bhagwan Gidwani s book The Return of the Aryans with great pride, as I am a Sindhu Hindu !

With all good wishes, Anil Lalwani.

Reply: Thank you for your comments 06/10
Ashok and Savita Vazirani

Our compliments to Mr. D.M. Butani DMBUTANI at for his magnificent Scroll copied below on the Song of the Sindhu Hindu in which he gives us some great details of Karkarta Bharat, who composed this Song in 5085 BCE along the Banks of Sindhu River and in whose honour the subcontinent came to be known as Bharat Varsha after he retired as a hermit.

Our compliments also to AIS sindhulogy at for producing and distributing to all, the CD to present this great Song with English narration and melodiuos singing in Hindi and Sindhi by Koshi Lalwani and excellent musical accompaniment.

Do kindly circulate to your friends and hopefully, your effort will ensure that Bharat remains alive in our memory.

Ashok and Savita Vazirani 05 18 2007

Reply: Thanks for your comments 05/18/07
Chitra Gidwani Desai
18, Cimmarron drive Nashua 03062. 

Dear Dialji,
Thank you for your email.I am very impressed by the website as well as the
work being done by the organization.I will be more than happy to become a
volunteer to help AIS.I reside in Nashua, New hampshire USA.I did listen to
sample songs on the site and was mesmerized by the words,music it was simply
beautiful.Indeed i was and feel all the more proud to be a Sindhi Hindu ,
but foremost we are Indians!


Reply: Thank you Chitra for your offer to volunteer. AIS apprecite.Please read AIS seven year review of perormance,progress and successes. will be posted 05/05/2007. School program needs volunteers 05/03/2007
kailash k rajesth
nasik india 

hi i am kailash from nasik india
i have heard the stories of sind from my maternal grand mother and stories of partition i would like to say always be united and respect and love sindhis talk in sindhi
well i am very thankful to all who have made this website and i am feeling proud to be sindhi

kailash rajesth

Reply: Thank you Rajesh. Please infoprm all your friends about AIS's mission and program 04/02/07
Manzoor Ali Kalhoro
Karachi, Sindh 

hi every one G.A sindh , i am happy after visit this site , i want to inform that sindhi peoples are great and they have great history and culture so we should care of our history and culture i hope every youger involeve in these kind of activities for help of sindh. G.A Sindh.

Reply: Thanbk you Manzoor Saeen We are encouraged by your comments. It is AIS mission to connect mankind through civilization not only of the sub continent but ofthe world where religiobn and politician have failed. January 26, 2007

Dear Fellows,
I am Pakistani Hindu Citizen who is still residing at the birth place of my great grand parents.
I am willing to become a member of your organization because I am able to provide latest position of our mother land as I am still surviving here.
Hope my this request must be accepted.

Reply: Dear mr. Kripalani' Iam delighted to get your email. Please contact me on email Dial V.Gidwani Founding President
Kumar Chatani
Oregon, USA 

Very pleased with what you are doing to keep the Sindhis of the world connected. Keep up the good work. I hope you can put a link on your web-site for people to donate money and buy your CDs. You have to make it convenient. Best Wishes.

Reply: Thank you for your very valuable suggestion. Will do 12/01
Harry Goldin, M.D.
Skokie, IL USA 

I enjoyed listening to the new CD “Song of the Sindhu Hindu. As an American Jew with little previous exposure to Sindhu culture, I was impressed with the expression of tolerance and respect of all faiths in the song. It is even more amazing to me that this song was composed 7,000 years ago thousands of years before the Pharaohs of Egypt . Congratulations to Dial V. Gidwani and his associates for producing such a fine CD.

Harry M. Goldin, M.D.
Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery
4709 Golf Road, Suite 1000
Skokie, IL 60076
TEL: 847-677-2080
FAX: 847-677-2098

Reply: Thank you Harry for your kind and generous message Dial
Toronto Canada 


I have recently been able to go through all of it is depth and I knew you would like some feedback.

The video from National Geographic june 2000 issue was extremely well done. There was a lot of interesting material covered about new discoveries which I found fascinating. Apparently there is a lot from our past that we may never know, but the height of progress reached in those times is clear from what has been discovered so far and this deserves to be brought into the limelight for the world to see. Your immense efforts in this direction are admirable. I hope you are progressing well with the museum project in Chicago to display the Indus civilization.

About the CD, SONG OF SINDHU HINDU the English translation of the song in track 3 was the one that appealed most to me. The lyrics are extremely profound. The summarized goal of a Hindu, towards the end was the best description I have ever heard, particularly in the present day context in the western world which is gradually getting more individualistic and self centred all the time and which is unable to value goals higher than those providing quick gratification. With my limited grasp of Sindhi, I could not appreciate the Sindhi song. This I would imagine would apply to a lot of other Sindhis too. The Hindi version was slightly superior musically as it had somewhat richer accompaniments. The 2 other tracks of bhajans ? were not translated anywhere. Perhaps they should be, to make the CD more meaningful.

Thanks for sending these CDs to me. I enjoyed going through them. I will be circulating these within our community now, through my good friend Mahesh Makhijani who is the director of programming for our Sindhi gur mandir in Toronto.

Warm regards and good luck with your work,



Reply: Thank you for your comments
Anil Lalwani
London UK 

Dear Mr Gidwani

I have received both items safely on Tuesday, and they are both excellent.

The content of the CD as published by yourselves is of particularly high quality. Many thanks to all who have put in many hours of selfless work into this project.

I have one request please. The CD does not show what the 6 or 7 different tracks contain the names of the tracks just as one would find printed on a music Cd. Can you email this to me please if you have it.

With many thanks again,

Anil Lalwani.London
10 27 2006

Reply: Thanks Mr. Lalwani Space was the problem. Will try new edition